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Betway: The Sole Contender for Illinois’ $20M Online Sports Betting License

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In the realm of Illinois’ digital wagering landscape, a singular contender has emerged in the pursuit of the coveted online-only sports betting license. The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB), the governing body overseeing this domain, has unveiled that a solitary applicant has stepped into the ring this year. This revelation marks the second annual cycle of the application process for the trio of licenses, each carrying a hefty price tag of $20 million. The previous year bore no victorious candidates.

The lone participant in this year’s competition is a subsidiary of the Digital Gaming Corporation (DGC). This entity had previously dipped its toes into the contest in the preceding year, only to retract its application. Since then, it has been enveloped by the Super Group, a conglomerate that extends the rights to the Betway sportsbook brand to DGC within the confines of the United States market.

At this juncture in the proceedings, the IGB is tasked with evaluating whether DGC fulfills the baseline suitability criteria. The corporation must still navigate a labyrinth of further approval processes to ultimately secure the license.

In a display of commitment, DGC has pledged an additional $2.5 million atop the $20 million license fee, contingent upon their success. Furthermore, they have promised to channel 1.5% of all post-tax gaming revenue to the Common Goal USA non-profit organization.

While online sportsbooks are already operational in Illinois, they are all anchored to sports venues, racetracks, and casinos. Betway, under the auspices of DGC, could potentially become the inaugural untethered betting brand, should their application garner approval.