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Football Studio Dice: A Fusion of Football and Dice in a Live Casino Environment

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Football Studio Dice, a novel offering from Evolution Games, brings a fresh twist to the live casino scene. This enhanced version of Football Studio introduces dice action into a football-themed live casino game. Now available at 10bet Live Casino, this casino game incorporates Bac Bo dice, straightforward gameplay, and genuine entertainment.

In contrast to its predecessor, which employed cards, Football Studio Dice utilizes four dice – two red and two blue, strategically placed in pockets on the football pitch. This translates to two red dice for one team and two blue dice for the other.

The game mechanics are straightforward: select a team that will roll a higher combined dice total, or opt for a draw. The maximum total achievable is 12 (6+6), and the minimum total is 2 (1+1).

The live game studio is arranged such that the HOME team is positioned to the left (from the player’s perspective), and the AWAY team is positioned to the right (from the player’s perspective). The football field takes the spotlight on the screen, with the live casino host acting as the referee. The dice shakers complete their actions within seconds, and winners are declared once the totals are tallied.

Football Studio Dice unfolds in two halves – mirroring a typical football match. This means the ‘score’ at half-time isn’t necessarily the result of the Football Studio Dice match. If your ‘team’ gets lucky (HOME or AWAY), you can still come from behind to win the match.

While the betting action is underway, all four dice are automatically shaken simultaneously. But here’s the twist: the dice stop shaking at different points. This enhances player engagement and amplifies the excitement in the live game show.

There are two dice shakers for HOME and two dice shakers for AWAY. The top shakers for each respective side stop first. The bottom shakers stop last. As soon as the shakers have stopped, the totals for each side will be calculated. The side with the highest dice total wins that half or the whole game.

If you bet on a draw, the payouts can be a staggering 80X your bet amount on a 12-12 result. Other payout values include: wins pay even money (1:1) and standard draws pay 8:1.

There is a handy Results Tracker included in the mix. This Evolution Games feature allows you to see the results (HOME or AWAY wins or DRAWS) of the past 500 rounds of play. Actual dice totals are not presented to players.

This captivating football-themed game features three distinct bet options. These include the following:

HOME – winning bets pay even money AWAY – winning bets pay even money DRAW – winning bets pay 8:1 up to 11:11 but pays 80:1 for 12:12 results

This captivating live casino game features hundreds of possible outcomes. That’s because each die has six sides, and there are two of them for each team. The stats gurus have determined that the HOME and AWAY teams have 133 possible outcomes, with 11 draw possibilities on the field of play. While the number of potential outcomes is significantly less than in slot games, it’s still challenging to correctly pick a result.

Like roulette with red and black bets, the probability of HOME or AWAY winning is approximately 48%. The probability of a draw is around 4% (that’s similar to the Green Zero in Roulette). That means it’s almost the equivalent of a coin flip (50/50) every time you place a home or away team bet.

The ever-present probability of a draw adds additional volatility to the mix. Given the payout odds at even money for HOME or AWAY wins, larger wagers tend to get rewarded with equivalent payouts.

What is Football Studio Dice?

Football Studio Dice is a football-themed live casino game by Evolution Games, available at 10bet Casino.

How is Football Studio Dice played?

Players bet on a team (Home/Away) that will roll a higher combined dice total.

What is the range of dice totals in Football Studio Dice?

The highest dice total possible is 12 (6+6), while the lowest is 2 (1+1).

On what platforms can Football Studio Dice be played?

Registered players can play Football Studio Dice live on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

What are the bet types in Football Studio Dice?

The game features three bet options: HOME, AWAY, and DRAW, with varying payouts.

What are the similarities between Football Studio Dice and Football Studio?

Both are live football-themed casino games by Evolution, but the Dice version uses dice instead of cards.

How are the results calculated in Football Studio Dice?

The dice are shaken, and once stopped, the side with the highest total wins the half or the game.